Jan 27, 2012

Parking and Other Random Events

Last night was amazing.   Last minute I got together with a friend and we went to watch some fantastic live music.   There was an incredible series of random events culminating in a an epic crash (literally) which inspired me to write it all down so I wouldn't forget any of it.   Here goes...
So I get to her house and we take AGES talking and catching up before we even start heading for the door.   I joked at the time that it wasn't like we were going to be late or anything (music started after midnight and it was around 11:40).   We get in my car and drive the few blocks to the venue, and started looking for free parking.

Now, I am the first person to valet, or use or a lot.   There's something to be said for pulling up, getting out, and going in.   It's my preference- BUT the last time we were at this venue, I noticed there were TONS of meters up and down the street and for some reason that was unclear at the time no one was using them.   This time we read the signs and I realized the meters had notices that they were tow away zones specifically Thursday and Friday night.   There were a few more meters directly across the street from the venue that weren't tow away BUT they were reserved for the valets and we even had a brief conversation with someone who decided to park there anyway without valeting his car.   In the end we actually found a tiny parking lot up the street and parked for free.   As we got out of the car, next to a black SUV, my friend saw a sad lonely shoe.   Just one.   All by itself next to the SUV.   Further down the street as we were walking in, we saw a second shoe.   Not it's mate, but still sad.   The shoes are not really relevant but I had to include them.

So we enter the venue, are enjoying mingling and picking up the vibe of the place, and my chimney self decides to go out for a cigarette before the live music starts.   My friend is talking to some people she knows so I say I'll be right back.   As I'm standing outside in a small group of people, I hear an awful screeching to my right and I look up- this beat up black SUV comes TEARING out of the parking lot, sideswipes three or four cars on the right side of the street and over corrects and heads RIGHT AT US.   It occurred to me at that moment that he might actually hit us, but there was no time to react... then someone yells out 'get the license plate' and the guy TAKES OFF and floors it running the red light on the corner (a SUPER busy Hollywood intersection) where he slams into some more cars on the left side of the road and finally smashes into a light pole on the right side, knocking it over onto the building it is in front of.

I am completely fine.   As far as I can tell no one besides the driver was injured (lots of smoke and he's too far away to really see but no one is moving).   Crowds of people start gathering and it's very dramatic and then sirens.... but here's the part that gets me.   The first few cars he sideswiped, the ones across the street from where I was standing- those were the exact metered spots we had been discussing parking at an hour earlier.   Talk about fate.   I also do not know if that beat up SUV that was parked next to me was the same one that crashed.

Turns out someone else got a video of the final stop the car made-

On a totally other note, one of the cars he hit actually ended up belonging to the girlfriend of one of the performers and she was the coolest chic on earth when she came out later and saw it.   Props to her for keeping it cool and having a great attitude about it.  

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