Jan 4, 2012

Nailene & Fing'rs Review & Video

Wow! Today in the mail I got a relatively big box from Revlon/Nailene/Fing'rs and had absolutely no idea what it was about... so imagine how exciting it was for me to open it and see a bunch of sample items from Nailene and Fing'rs!   As I read the letter they included thanking me for the survey I had done, I remembered that a few weeks ago I filled out a random survey for Nailene.   They asked about my nail habits and products I liked and disliked... and in return they sent a great assortment of items for me to try!   They didn't ask me to write a blog post or upload a review, I just felt like it was a great way for me to share my thoughts on the products and thank them for making my very cold day a little better!

Here is what they sent:
Nailene French Finish Long Wearing Nails - 24 nails, 12 sizes, glue included. (Item# 77451) - Can I ask a serious question?   I find that when I take my nails off, after a week or so, I can usually reuse them again if I wanted to- does anyone else do that?   I am scared to reuse them in case of bacteria or something but so far I've never had an issue, I just take them off after they start to grow out and look worn.   Post your thoughts below.
Fing'rs Cali Girl dual tip polish pens with decals (Item# 31605) - Nervous to try these only because I am SO bad with my left hand lol, but hopefully I can manage to use them with the decals and not mess it up, I will post an update when I do try them.
Nailene Designer Collection - China Doll Nail Art (Item# 71206) - So excited to try these little china doll ones at some point.
Fing'rs Flirt 3D Nail and Toe Art (Item# 31335) - I put two butterfly decals on each ring finger after I used the french manicure base pen (see below).   They are super cute and very pretty, just the right touch of class and sparkle.
Fing'rs Flirt Nail & Body Jewels (Item# 31065) - How cool, You can use these on your body too???   I will totally try them as accents with my eye makeup!
Nailene French2Go (Item# 61065) - it's a click brush with nail polish that gives you a beautiful base for a french manicure.   I just used it on my left hand before starting this post and its dry already.   It comes out a little bit fast but the brush is actually decent (I've had previous experience with nail polish pens being streaky) and applied fairly well.

Thank you Nailene!   This beauty box totally made my night!   I think because I wasn't expecting to get anything from filling out the survey this came as a really pleasant surprise and I am so happy to share this with everyone.   Go to www.nailene.com and fill out their form today under their 'promotions' tab to get a coupon for money off of your next purchase!


  1. What a great video of you talking about the products. I can see that you are a superstar in the making.

  2. Wow thanks for the support! LOL I'm going to polish up my videos in the future though so they are clearer and not so boring :)