Jan 19, 2012

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

Mkay... here's the deal.   I hate drinking water.   It tastes blah, it makes me feel thirstier somehow, and just basically is not my thing.   On the flip side, I am aware of what it takes to stay healthy and staying hydrated is definitely something that goes along with that.   For a very long time I was completely obsessed with Propel Lemonade Water (IN THE SPORT BOTTLE NOT THE REDONE CRUMMY REGULAR ONES) but they changed the formula and now it doesn't taste the same... so I went back to my fail safe, Vitamin Water (usually Lemonade although sometimes they have random cool flavors, just hate the purple grapey one).

Which brings me to an awesomely random discovery I made yesterday in Target.   I have had a crazy fever for two days now and in an attempt to get some food in me, I finagled my way into some clothes and eeked into the Target across the street (thank you Target for being located across the street, you have no idea).   I bought a giant size Arizona Sweet Tea, a few Vitamin Waters... and then out of the corner of my eye I noticed these tiny little bottles.

They are about the size of a lemon.   I got the sweet tea (big surprise right) and was pumped to get back into my bed in my fever induced delerium and drink some water.   For anyone who knows me, that in and of itself is an indication of just how out of it I am!

The point of the product is that you can flavor it as much as you want.   It recommends one squeeze for each 8 oz serving- so a regular water bottle is about 16.9 oz... two squirts.   Warning- stuff shoots out FAST- but after the first squeeze I was more careful and then I tasted my MiO water... HUGE FAN.   I am absolutely going to start carrying these around in my car and my purse.   I think it cost $3.50 and each bottle should make approx 24 servings... cheaper than vitamin water or gatorade by far!

My only wish?   I want them to make a minty lemon flavor.   Or strawberry banana.  

I stumbled across a great blog when I was looking for any negative reviews about the product- this person does a great in depth review and I am posting their link here for you to read as well.   They also have a video!   MiO also has it's own Facebook page Website Twitter and YouTube

Now back to my sweet tea MiO water, Nutella and green jello cups.   Thanks again Target!


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