Jan 8, 2012

J Brazil and Sandflower Performing LIVE @ Highline Ballroom VIDEO

I have posted about J Brazil before (here, here and here) so it should come as no surprise that when I had the chance to see him perform live tonight I was psyched to go!   He performed a great song which I predict will make for a great remix (c'mon, can't you hear David Guetta remixing that up phenomenally) anyway check out the video....
J Brazil - Chasing Clouds

After J performed we were treated to a GREAT performance from Sandflower (check her out- girl's got skills!) and I have to say, seeing her live was amazing!   I had met her previously and she is the most down to earth normal person ever offstage (and has shockingly awesome fashion sense btw) - so seeing the electricity and fire that came off that stage when she started singing was absolutely inspiring.   And I really loved the song!!!!   Keep tabs on this one, she is going to be big!   Check out her performance here and get to know her before everyone else does :)
Sandflower - Rock It to the Moon

Thanks for a great night!

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