Jan 15, 2012

Greystone Manor - Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston & Chris Brown (Video)

Tonight I had a great time at the newly redone Greystone Manor for Tony Daly's birthday party. It looks completely different from how it used to be and between the different levels with all the different tables it is a great venue for performances... which is what we saw. Soulja Boy performed with a huge entourage, and Sean Kingston was right there with him and so was Chris Brown.   After the performance, which was much longer than the little bit that I recorded, the whole crew came over to a table right in front of me and they were great- posing for pictures with people and talking to everyone...very cool for them to do that and not have security keep everyone away.There was a girl dancing above our heads, hanging on a hoop from the ceiling, there were girls above the main wall dancing on a glass floor so when you walked behind the DJ booth you look up and see them, and girls dancing in little cages- all very chic and pretty.   There are two bars, one on either side of the massive room, and a pretty nice size patio for all the smokers (complete with heat lamps, thank you!)   Another nicely done club from SBE. I don't have to try to write a better review than the one the LA Times did- you can read it here. 
BUT... they don't have this video :)

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