Jan 31, 2012

Ayelet Yakira Galena... the Bravest Little Girl I Never Knew

A little over two moths ago I stumbled across one of the most heart wrenching blogs I ever saw.   It was written by the parents of a little girl who had been diagnosed with a very difficult disease and updated almost every day as her condition changed drastically.   The warmth, positivity and amazingly upbeat attitude her parent's maintained while telling the world of their little girl's struggle resonated with me, and with a lot of people I know.   I didn't know her, although I knew of her mother through mutual friends.   The humor they infused throughout their posts as they told us each time their angel improved or sadly deteriorated a tiny bit was something I started looking forward to in my day.   I checked a few times a day for my updates, getting very excited when they reported amazing news and feeling great sadness whenever there was a downgrade.  

It might not make any sense, but I drew strength from this, from Ayelet's struggle, as did countless other strangers across the internet.   In my head I knew if a little girl whom I had never met could work this hard at just living, surely a grown woman could get the easy stuff in life done without much effort.   I woke up this morning and read the news, that sweet little Ayelet has moved on from this world.   I don't have many more words than what I just wrote, but I would like to add my heartfelt condolences to her family, her friends, and the many people who became a part of Ayelet Nation.   Hindy and Seth (I feel like I know you) you are the most amazing people, sharing your story so openly and having the most incredible attitudes throughout your journey.   If our paths ever cross, I hope I can return a tenth of what I feel you have given to me and countless others.   BD'E Ayelet Yakira Galena.  

No words: Ayelet Yakira Galena Z”L

With unstoppable tears and broken hearts we regret to announce that last night around 5AM, after hours of fighting and holding on, our precious Ayelet - the heart of our world, the light and strength for so many, could not fight any more.
She is gone.
She put up a serious fight, but her lungs collapsed, her blood pressure dropped and the blood could not get to her huge heart.
Baruch Dayan Emes. Her life, her strength, a blessing to so many.

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