Jan 31, 2012

Ayelet Yakira Galena... the Bravest Little Girl I Never Knew

A little over two moths ago I stumbled across one of the most heart wrenching blogs I ever saw.   It was written by the parents of a little girl who had been diagnosed with a very difficult disease and updated almost every day as her condition changed drastically.   The warmth, positivity and amazingly upbeat attitude her parent's maintained while telling the world of their little girl's struggle resonated with me, and with a lot of people I know.   I didn't know her, although I knew of her mother through mutual friends.   The humor they infused throughout their posts as they told us each time their angel improved or sadly deteriorated a tiny bit was something I started looking forward to in my day.   I checked a few times a day for my updates, getting very excited when they reported amazing news and feeling great sadness whenever there was a downgrade.  

It might not make any sense, but I drew strength from this, from Ayelet's struggle, as did countless other strangers across the internet.   In my head I knew if a little girl whom I had never met could work this hard at just living, surely a grown woman could get the easy stuff in life done without much effort.   I woke up this morning and read the news, that sweet little Ayelet has moved on from this world.   I don't have many more words than what I just wrote, but I would like to add my heartfelt condolences to her family, her friends, and the many people who became a part of Ayelet Nation.   Hindy and Seth (I feel like I know you) you are the most amazing people, sharing your story so openly and having the most incredible attitudes throughout your journey.   If our paths ever cross, I hope I can return a tenth of what I feel you have given to me and countless others.   BD'E Ayelet Yakira Galena.  

No words: Ayelet Yakira Galena Z”L

With unstoppable tears and broken hearts we regret to announce that last night around 5AM, after hours of fighting and holding on, our precious Ayelet - the heart of our world, the light and strength for so many, could not fight any more.
She is gone.
She put up a serious fight, but her lungs collapsed, her blood pressure dropped and the blood could not get to her huge heart.
Baruch Dayan Emes. Her life, her strength, a blessing to so many.

Jan 27, 2012

Parking and Other Random Events

Last night was amazing.   Last minute I got together with a friend and we went to watch some fantastic live music.   There was an incredible series of random events culminating in a an epic crash (literally) which inspired me to write it all down so I wouldn't forget any of it.   Here goes...
So I get to her house and we take AGES talking and catching up before we even start heading for the door.   I joked at the time that it wasn't like we were going to be late or anything (music started after midnight and it was around 11:40).   We get in my car and drive the few blocks to the venue, and started looking for free parking.

Now, I am the first person to valet, or use or a lot.   There's something to be said for pulling up, getting out, and going in.   It's my preference- BUT the last time we were at this venue, I noticed there were TONS of meters up and down the street and for some reason that was unclear at the time no one was using them.   This time we read the signs and I realized the meters had notices that they were tow away zones specifically Thursday and Friday night.   There were a few more meters directly across the street from the venue that weren't tow away BUT they were reserved for the valets and we even had a brief conversation with someone who decided to park there anyway without valeting his car.   In the end we actually found a tiny parking lot up the street and parked for free.   As we got out of the car, next to a black SUV, my friend saw a sad lonely shoe.   Just one.   All by itself next to the SUV.   Further down the street as we were walking in, we saw a second shoe.   Not it's mate, but still sad.   The shoes are not really relevant but I had to include them.

So we enter the venue, are enjoying mingling and picking up the vibe of the place, and my chimney self decides to go out for a cigarette before the live music starts.   My friend is talking to some people she knows so I say I'll be right back.   As I'm standing outside in a small group of people, I hear an awful screeching to my right and I look up- this beat up black SUV comes TEARING out of the parking lot, sideswipes three or four cars on the right side of the street and over corrects and heads RIGHT AT US.   It occurred to me at that moment that he might actually hit us, but there was no time to react... then someone yells out 'get the license plate' and the guy TAKES OFF and floors it running the red light on the corner (a SUPER busy Hollywood intersection) where he slams into some more cars on the left side of the road and finally smashes into a light pole on the right side, knocking it over onto the building it is in front of.

I am completely fine.   As far as I can tell no one besides the driver was injured (lots of smoke and he's too far away to really see but no one is moving).   Crowds of people start gathering and it's very dramatic and then sirens.... but here's the part that gets me.   The first few cars he sideswiped, the ones across the street from where I was standing- those were the exact metered spots we had been discussing parking at an hour earlier.   Talk about fate.   I also do not know if that beat up SUV that was parked next to me was the same one that crashed.

Turns out someone else got a video of the final stop the car made-

On a totally other note, one of the cars he hit actually ended up belonging to the girlfriend of one of the performers and she was the coolest chic on earth when she came out later and saw it.   Props to her for keeping it cool and having a great attitude about it.  

Jan 19, 2012

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

Mkay... here's the deal.   I hate drinking water.   It tastes blah, it makes me feel thirstier somehow, and just basically is not my thing.   On the flip side, I am aware of what it takes to stay healthy and staying hydrated is definitely something that goes along with that.   For a very long time I was completely obsessed with Propel Lemonade Water (IN THE SPORT BOTTLE NOT THE REDONE CRUMMY REGULAR ONES) but they changed the formula and now it doesn't taste the same... so I went back to my fail safe, Vitamin Water (usually Lemonade although sometimes they have random cool flavors, just hate the purple grapey one).

Which brings me to an awesomely random discovery I made yesterday in Target.   I have had a crazy fever for two days now and in an attempt to get some food in me, I finagled my way into some clothes and eeked into the Target across the street (thank you Target for being located across the street, you have no idea).   I bought a giant size Arizona Sweet Tea, a few Vitamin Waters... and then out of the corner of my eye I noticed these tiny little bottles.

They are about the size of a lemon.   I got the sweet tea (big surprise right) and was pumped to get back into my bed in my fever induced delerium and drink some water.   For anyone who knows me, that in and of itself is an indication of just how out of it I am!

The point of the product is that you can flavor it as much as you want.   It recommends one squeeze for each 8 oz serving- so a regular water bottle is about 16.9 oz... two squirts.   Warning- stuff shoots out FAST- but after the first squeeze I was more careful and then I tasted my MiO water... HUGE FAN.   I am absolutely going to start carrying these around in my car and my purse.   I think it cost $3.50 and each bottle should make approx 24 servings... cheaper than vitamin water or gatorade by far!

My only wish?   I want them to make a minty lemon flavor.   Or strawberry banana.  

I stumbled across a great blog when I was looking for any negative reviews about the product- this person does a great in depth review and I am posting their link here for you to read as well.   They also have a video!   MiO also has it's own Facebook page Website Twitter and YouTube

Now back to my sweet tea MiO water, Nutella and green jello cups.   Thanks again Target!

Jan 15, 2012

Greystone Manor - Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston & Chris Brown (Video)

Tonight I had a great time at the newly redone Greystone Manor for Tony Daly's birthday party. It looks completely different from how it used to be and between the different levels with all the different tables it is a great venue for performances... which is what we saw. Soulja Boy performed with a huge entourage, and Sean Kingston was right there with him and so was Chris Brown.   After the performance, which was much longer than the little bit that I recorded, the whole crew came over to a table right in front of me and they were great- posing for pictures with people and talking to everyone...very cool for them to do that and not have security keep everyone away.There was a girl dancing above our heads, hanging on a hoop from the ceiling, there were girls above the main wall dancing on a glass floor so when you walked behind the DJ booth you look up and see them, and girls dancing in little cages- all very chic and pretty.   There are two bars, one on either side of the massive room, and a pretty nice size patio for all the smokers (complete with heat lamps, thank you!)   Another nicely done club from SBE. I don't have to try to write a better review than the one the LA Times did- you can read it here. 
BUT... they don't have this video :)

Jan 13, 2012

Chloe Leighton covers Valerie

Wow.  That's the first thing I thought when I heard Chloe Leighton sing.   It's not just anyone that can get up and do an Amy Winehouse cover!   She is gorgeous, talented, a real performer- and as it just so happens it was her birthday too so we were all there to celebrate and watch her sing.   Check out the video and keep an eye on this girl- she's definitely got something! Check out the video and here www.chloeofficial.com

Wake Up Cover (Arcade Fire)

I forgot what a great live music show can do for you... it energizes you, infuses you with positive energy and tingles every nerve ending reminding you that you are alive- as long as you are lucky enough to see a great set, which fortunately I was.

Last night I got to see this amazing performance covering the Arcade Fire song 'Wake Up'.

Yeah- pretty awesome.   The girls all around me were freaking out that he looked like a hot Edward Scissorhands and John Mayer crossbreed.   I just felt this fantastic energy in the room and everyone was really enjoying the music and dancing and having a great time.  It was a great show and I am looking forward to catching another one very soon...

Jan 11, 2012

Nutra nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color Review Video

For some reason I have been very into trying new things on my nails recently, even though I think I rocked punk shimmer purple nail polish for 90% of the summer and fall... I am sort of feeling delicate pinks right now.   I bought this new product I saw at CVS called Nutra Nail Gel Perfect UV-Free Gel-Color (#12750 in Sheer Pink).   I guess it's a cheaper alternative to the Shellac and other products that I have been seeing everywhere.

 It was a tiny bit annoying to apply- there are three bottles: Activator, Gel Color and Cleaner and basically you rotate through all three for each coat so it gets kind of complicated.

You apply the activator on five fingers and then quickly apply a thin coat of sheer pink... then you plop the brush from the gel into the cleaner bottle and swap the cleaner brush into the gel- and start over with the activator applying a coat to all five nails again and then using the now swapped cleaner brush you apply the gel to all the nails again.   When you finish you swap the cleaner and gel brushes again and wipe the brushes on a paper towel and then put them back in their original bottles.   Then you do the other hand.

So it's a tiny bit tedious.   However- they DID dry almost immediately and I am typing ten minutes after finished and I recorded my review on youtube after five so... thumbs up for doing what it says on the box but I probably wouldn't buy it again because, for $12 I'd get a manicure at a salon with a neck rub!   Check out my video and let me know what you think - Thanks!

Alright, I tried to have an open mind and be fair but after five days some of my nails started cracking and chipping which really got aggravating- specifically since this stuff is IMPOSSIBLE to get off of your nails!   You need acetone to do it, and as luck would have it I only have NON acetone nail polish remover so it was a fight and I ended upjust going over some of it with a purple nail polish.   Not fun.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

After years of hearing great things about the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, I finally bit the bullet and bought it for myself on ebay.   It was a little cheaper than in the stores and I was slightly unsure if it would work or not but I decided $17 was worth it to try to do the impossible- clear up a blemish overnight and be perfect the next day.   

The product arrived direct from the company (I didn't realize when I bought it that it was from them) and they included samples and trial size face stuff that I have yet to try but oh so fun to get!   This is the only product I have ever received that says NOT to mix the two substances- see the picture has yellow and pink stuff in the bottle?   
Drying Lotion
The top is a liquid that reminds me of nail polish remover and the bottom is a calamine lotion type sediment.   The way it works is you dip a cotton swab (or tiny brush which is how I do it) straight into the bottle WITHOUT shaking it, touch the bottom and pull it straight back out and apply it to your blemish.   People have warned online in reviews not to shake it or you will ruin it, but common sense seems to indicate that it could withstand some movement since it was shipped to me and once the products settle and separated it was just fine.

The stuff works.   I have sensitive skin that reacts very intensely to anything harsh, but I dab the pink magic on any spots that are on my face and the next day they are close to gone if not completely vanished!   The only negative for me is that on a few spots it has left my skin a little red but concealer works to cover it.   It smells like paint thinner, but wow am I glad I tried it finally.

I know it says on their directions not to rub it onto your skin after you've applied it, but a few times now I've dabbed it on in the morning before I put on my makeup and let it dry a bit, then rubbed it gently and put my makeup on over it, and it has helped prevent issues during the day on areas that could have gotten pretty bad otherwise.  

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is because they emailed me a promo for whats included when you buy a product, and it shows the skin care set and samples I received, so I wanted to do this post and share the product and let you know about it and that I think it works.   I am doing ok in the skin department right now so I haven't tried the rest of the items they sent me with my order yet, but eventually I will get around to it and I will do a follow up post!   I got free shipping buying through Ebay, and I didn't use the promo code but I got the free gift as well as the three samples although I didn't get to choose them... not too bad though!   http://www.mariobadescu.com/drying-lotion

Free Shipping and Free Gift over $50

Jan 8, 2012

J Brazil and Sandflower Performing LIVE @ Highline Ballroom VIDEO

I have posted about J Brazil before (here, here and here) so it should come as no surprise that when I had the chance to see him perform live tonight I was psyched to go!   He performed a great song which I predict will make for a great remix (c'mon, can't you hear David Guetta remixing that up phenomenally) anyway check out the video....
J Brazil - Chasing Clouds

After J performed we were treated to a GREAT performance from Sandflower (check her out- girl's got skills!) and I have to say, seeing her live was amazing!   I had met her previously and she is the most down to earth normal person ever offstage (and has shockingly awesome fashion sense btw) - so seeing the electricity and fire that came off that stage when she started singing was absolutely inspiring.   And I really loved the song!!!!   Keep tabs on this one, she is going to be big!   Check out her performance here and get to know her before everyone else does :)
Sandflower - Rock It to the Moon

Thanks for a great night!

Jan 4, 2012

Nailene & Fing'rs Review & Video

Wow! Today in the mail I got a relatively big box from Revlon/Nailene/Fing'rs and had absolutely no idea what it was about... so imagine how exciting it was for me to open it and see a bunch of sample items from Nailene and Fing'rs!   As I read the letter they included thanking me for the survey I had done, I remembered that a few weeks ago I filled out a random survey for Nailene.   They asked about my nail habits and products I liked and disliked... and in return they sent a great assortment of items for me to try!   They didn't ask me to write a blog post or upload a review, I just felt like it was a great way for me to share my thoughts on the products and thank them for making my very cold day a little better!

Here is what they sent:
Nailene French Finish Long Wearing Nails - 24 nails, 12 sizes, glue included. (Item# 77451) - Can I ask a serious question?   I find that when I take my nails off, after a week or so, I can usually reuse them again if I wanted to- does anyone else do that?   I am scared to reuse them in case of bacteria or something but so far I've never had an issue, I just take them off after they start to grow out and look worn.   Post your thoughts below.
Fing'rs Cali Girl dual tip polish pens with decals (Item# 31605) - Nervous to try these only because I am SO bad with my left hand lol, but hopefully I can manage to use them with the decals and not mess it up, I will post an update when I do try them.
Nailene Designer Collection - China Doll Nail Art (Item# 71206) - So excited to try these little china doll ones at some point.
Fing'rs Flirt 3D Nail and Toe Art (Item# 31335) - I put two butterfly decals on each ring finger after I used the french manicure base pen (see below).   They are super cute and very pretty, just the right touch of class and sparkle.
Fing'rs Flirt Nail & Body Jewels (Item# 31065) - How cool, You can use these on your body too???   I will totally try them as accents with my eye makeup!
Nailene French2Go (Item# 61065) - it's a click brush with nail polish that gives you a beautiful base for a french manicure.   I just used it on my left hand before starting this post and its dry already.   It comes out a little bit fast but the brush is actually decent (I've had previous experience with nail polish pens being streaky) and applied fairly well.

Thank you Nailene!   This beauty box totally made my night!   I think because I wasn't expecting to get anything from filling out the survey this came as a really pleasant surprise and I am so happy to share this with everyone.   Go to www.nailene.com and fill out their form today under their 'promotions' tab to get a coupon for money off of your next purchase!