Nov 18, 2011

Porcelain Black - This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like (video)

I heard this song in July or August I think, and realized I had it on my playlist from a few months before that and hadn't really paid attention to it (my bad!)... Anyway, I love Porcelain Black.   She represents the awesome rock grunge punk goth vixen side of me that I rarely admit exists.  So it was very exciting to hear an anthem that pretty much embodies everything I think but rarely say.   Her costumes and makeup are super fun and interesting too- in fact if you pause at exactly 2:00 you can see that not only is she awesome- she is also wearing the AMAZING Dsquared Spine Heeled Shoes that I blogged about in 2010.   Did I mention that Lil Wayne appears in the video too? Yup- she is awesome.

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