Aug 22, 2011

Jim Chapman - Best UK YouTube Guru

I have a secret obsession watching youtube gurus... usually beauty gurus.   For the most part they are all female, but Jim Chapman is the funniest, most personable guy guru I have ever stumbled across.   Even though I can't use most of his advice because I don't shave my face and my hair care routine is totally different from his for obvious reasons, I still watch all of his videos.   I particularly enjoy when he talks about differences in language and some of his advice absolutely cracks me up.   Outfit of the day videos are well done and he always looks very put together.   His girlfriend Tanya is a guru too and I watch her videos as well, but I really enjoy when she guests on his channel- and when his brother John guests as well.... these twins are so genetically gifted it's ridiculous!

Here are his links so you can start watching him as well:
Twitter: @j1mmyb0bba


His mom also has a channel

Thanks for always cheering me up- keep those awesome videos coming!

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