Mar 10, 2011

Sam Tsui Meets Glee and Gets Spoofed by Scott McCreary (via KurtSamSource)

I get emails from this awesome website/blog called kurtsamsource and meant to post this entry a week ago but got completely distracted and forgot- I apologize because after I watched it I learned three things- I would have watched Alexa Chung much earlier (I had no idea how awesome her accent is and that she is so funny), people who think they are funny themselves rarely come off as funny to others (the dude from Yale spoofing them) and I take Sam Tsui wayyyy too much for granted.   He is awesome and should be on Glee.   someone get on that.

Sam Meets Glee and Gets Spoofed

It's been a slow week, both on the blog and on the KurtHugoSchneider channel. In the later case, let's hope that means there are some cool new videos in the works. For now, here's a couple of older videos you may or may not have seen—they aren't on the Resources page yet because we only recently discovered them ourselves.
There's always been a lot of buzz connecting Sam and the hit show Glee. A lot of people feel he'd be a great choice for the show, and he did audition once (the fact that they didn't choose him probably means they felt he was too good and would show everyone else up ;)).
Anyway, about a year ago Sam appeared on the Alexa Chung show on the same day as the cast of Glee, and got to do a little surprise performance for them (by little we mean about 30 seconds long). Whether you like Glee or not, it's nice to see his talent getting noticed by these kinds of people. The video is below—skip forward to about 5 minutes for the good part.

This second video doesn't actually have Sam or Kurt in it, but anyone familiar with them should get the connection right away. Take a good look at the channel name the video was uploaded under, give it a watch, then check out the background info below.
So it turns out that Scott McCreary is/was another Yalie, and a member of the Yale a cappella group the Wiffenpoofs. (No, he's not the guy from American Idol, although this vid has been getting a lot of views lately because of the similarity in names.) Not sure if he and his friend Matt Slotkin, who produced the video, actually know Sam and Kurt or not. But they've certainly watched a lot of their videos, because this parody is spot-on. It really hits on a lot of the early patterns in Kurt and Sam's videos—the cloning, the crazy vocal ranges, a tendency to pick kind of cheesy songs, odd backgrounds, etc. Even the hand-covering-the-camera thing Scott does right at the end is perfect. And the idea of Sam as a one-man boy band is pretty funny.
There have been a couple people who've taken offense to this video, but that's definitely an overreaction. This isn't a mean-spirited parody at all; it's more like a little friendly teasing. And the video itself is well produced and fun to watch, and Scott has a pretty good voice. Overall, this feels more like a compliment than anything else. After all, having people do spoofs of you and your work is part of being popular and famous.


  1. First of all, I totally respect the cast of Glee for combining their stage and screen skills and training, with their singing abilities. When the absolutely gorgeous, Sam Tsui takes the stage, and shows his mesmerizing voice, as well as his gorgeous smile, even the cast of Glee opens their mouth and shows eyes of awe as Sam sings, and shows his amazing personality.

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