Mar 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape (video)

Beener Keener has hit it big time now---- Jennifer Aniston cameos in his latest video!
It's actually pretty funny- she is obviously playing up the idea that viral videos are a newer (I guess!) form of advertising, so she interrupts Keenan and says she is there today to talk about SmartWater- and apparently in thsi day and age you also have to make a video...that turns into a virus.   It's cute comedy and funny...she has a talking parrot (it says 'Rachel hair' to her!), tons of cute puppies, (dirty) dancing babies, the double rainbow guy, she kicks a guy in the nuts and says 'sorry apparently that's worth 100,000 hits', does a slo-mo hair toss with the wind as she lifts the bottle up to drink...and drips down her chin...and finally asks what they are going ot call the video.....not the title above!

1 comment:

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