Mar 11, 2011

Jason Mraz is kinda really cool

I should haveposted this a long time ago but I forgot about it- so I owe Jason and his now-wife an apology:
Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz)
1/27/11 6:42 PM
You're Invited to Our Wedding! All you have to do is END discrimination against homosexuality! The full story --->


You're Invited to Our Wedding!

A question came to me today from a newspaper reporter in Brazil:
“You said you wouldn’t get married until marriage is legal for all. But what about your fiancĂ©? Was she mad?”
I laughed at the reporter’s question because I check in with Tristan about everything! The only surprises in our relationship are the surprises. My answer was no. She isn’t mad. Tristan stands proudly with me in this peaceful protest to end discrimination against homosexuals. We believe this is the final piece in the civil rights movement.

One hundred years ago women were the focus of this fight, demanding the right to vote and the right to run for office. In 1920 it became possible.

50 years ago, African-Americans were in a similar situation fighting for their rights. It was a dangerous crusade, and thanks to many brave citizens, politicians, protestors and attorneys, the laws were changed and eventually an entire culture shifted it’s outlook and embraced all people of color – even inter-racial marriages which were once frowned upon.

I believe there will soon be a day when same-sex marriage is no longer an issue. My kids won’t believe me when I say it used to be ILLEGAL. I’ll have to look it up to prove it to them.

Last week, Tristan and I attended a fund-raiser for the American Foundation for Equal Rights. AFER.ORG is THE organization funding the fight against Prop 8 (the prop that banned Same-Sex marriages in California) and she and I will be in the fight all the way to the supreme court decision. Once overturned and declared unconstitutional THEN, we will have a reason to celebrate and truly experience the privilege of marriage. And because we WANT to get married, it puts us deeper in the trenches.

Republican Lawyer Ted Olson and Democrat David Boies were the lawyers that went head to head in 2000 in the historic Bush v. Gore supreme court case that decided Bush as President. Today, the lawyers of both parties are on the SAME TEAM, making them a powerful pair as they both see eye to eye on the issue. Allowing LGBT couples to marry doesn’t hurt anyone. The longer it is illegal, the longer our government is discriminating against a huge population of its own citizens. 

At last week’s fund raiser, Olson joked about the expected final ruling of the supreme court case saying that he will receive the 5 votes he got in Bush v Gore and Boies would receive the other 4, bringing the total in this case against prop 8 to a clean sweep of 9 votes to nothing.

Even if you don’t follow the case, you’ll hear the cheers around the world when it’s over. You will feel the shift; a universal heart-opening - a giant leap in human evolution.

I’m grateful that my own wedding will be timed with something as monumental as our humanity realizing yet another divine expression of love.

And P.S. You’re all invited to the wedding. So let’s make it happen!

How you can help:

Support AFER.Org and help overturn Prop 8 in court. (

Support True Colors Fund(
Inspiring everyone, especially straight people to become active participants in the advancement of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender equality and to raise awareness about and bring an end to LGBT youth homelessness*. *A symptom of homosexuality’s current inequality is parents' kicking their own children out of the house.

Support The Trevor Project ( THE Hotline for LGBTQ youth. A lifesaver!

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