Mar 4, 2011

iPad 2 - What to Expect

I held out buying an iPad in the firt place even though I desperately wanted one- and I held out mostly because it irks me to no end when Apple brings out a great product and then upgrades it so quickly leaving all the new buyers of the now defunct older model behind.   Especially with regard to software updates.   I had a really hard time with the 3G to 3Gs to 4 I skipped 3Gs altogether and headed for a 4.   Anyway, I am glad I held out for the iPad2 because it seems like aside from being a lot smaller (always better) it has a few more interesting things that the original is missing.   I have complained often enough that by making the ipad Apple was taking us back a step in technology, not forward, since the iPhone is smaller and a PHONE but then I played with an iPad and realized I can complain all I want, but I still want one.....Find out about the new iPad2 Specs.

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