Feb 28, 2011

Gregory Gorgeous- Montage Video and Contest

One of my new favorite YouTubers is Greg Gorgeous (I made a smaller post about him earlier).  

He is super funny, and I am extremely impressed at his makeup skills and ability to walk in high heels.   Seriously, I am a girl and I have issues sometimes!   I was trying to figure out how to post a few of his best videos and he went and did the work for me by making a montage video!   It isn't really about makeup, but it shows his humor and gives you a sense of what he's like.   If you are an eyeshadow or foundation nut, definitely check out his tutorials (Thank you Greg!   I FINALLY got the eyelashes on right!!!!).

Also, he is having a contest to win a t-shirt and signed letter from him- I think that's awesome and hope I win, but if I don't win, hopefully one of my readers can...so check him out and leave a comment.

You can also check out his show called 'The Avenue'.   Like 'The Hills' but in Toronto.

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