Mar 16, 2011

'Glee's' New Directions, Blaine and Kurt Score Big at Regionals

I am still waiting to watch last week's episode- see I knew Glee would pull another break on me at some point so I really didn't bother investing in watching it weekly like I did for the first season.   I waited until they came back from break to watch the Christmas episode!   But because I do love the show, crazy hiatus's and all, here's what Billboard summarized:

On last night's (Mar. 15) episode of "Glee," the New Directions performed their first original songs, beating out The Warblers and Aural Intensity (led by Sue Sylvester) to win Regionals. It was an episode of firsts -- especially for Blaine and Kurt.

The Gleeks' first few forays into songwriting are less than thrilling. Rachel debuts "Only Child," a ballad only slightly more tolerable than her previous attempt, "My Headband." Santana writes a sultry song about Sam titled "Trouty Mouth," and Puck impresses Lauren with "Big Ass Heart," a rockabilly number that doesn't impress Mr. Schue. Mercedes' "Hell to the No" is very entertaining, but not quite epic enough for Regionals.

The Warblers, meanwhile, are also preparing for the competition. They plan to open the set with Blaine leading the group in Maroon 5's "Misery." Kurt points out that Blaine sings nearly every solo, and The Warblers are beginning to feel like "Blaine and the Pips." We have to agree. Blaine is talented (and dreamy, no doubt) but we'd like to hear some of those other boys sing for a change.

I included the original song Amber sings- Hell to the No. What do we think?

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