Mar 7, 2011

Floating House - Inspired by "Up" my favorite animated movie that makes me cry

I bawled- absolutely fell apart- when I watched the movie Up.   Setting up the scene for you:   I was in bed watching on my laptop, it was raining and cold and I was all prepared for a feel good kids movie that my siblings had raved about...forward to ten minutes in where I am surrounded by a mess of wadded up tissues and tears streaming down my face.   In case you have no idea what this movie is, I have taken the liberty of posting the trailer, which absolutely does not explain what the movie is about but is very very good:

Anyway, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to try it:

Our awesome partners over at National Geographic sent over these incredible photos, as they just wrapped up creating a real-life version of Pixar's animated hit film Up. It's pretty amazing what human beings are capable of...

Yesterday morning, March 5 at dawn, National Geographic Channel and a team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched a 16' X 16' house 18' tall with 300 8' colored weather balloons from a private airfield east of Los Angeles, and set a new world record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. The entire experimental aircraft was more than 10 stories high, reached an altitude of over 10,000 feet, and flew for approximately one hour.

The filming of the event, from a private airstrip, will be part of a new National Geographic Channel series called How Hard Can it Be?, which will premiere in fall 2011.

National Geographic's website

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