Mar 2, 2011

Did Lady Gaga Steal Born This Way Video Ideas?

I saw this and my heart sank...just when my faith in pop stars was being revived...

The New Lady Gaga Video A Direct Rip Off Of Marco Brambilla

Mar 2, 2011 2:42 pm
By now you've probably watched Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," video once if not several times. She's been accused of copying other artists before, and this time is no different. Countless people have compared the song to Madonna's "Express Yourself," but the video looks shocking similar to NYC-based artist Marco Brambilla's work.
Kanye fans will recognize Brambilla's work on "Power," and those who frequent the Standard Hotel have seen his permanent video installation called "Civilization" that runs on the screens in the elevators.
Lady Gaga's video is full of references from Michelangelo to Hinduism to the Illuminati to Michael Jackson. But when does inspiration become theft?  While it's not outright plagiarism like the case of Rihanna and David LaChapelle, there are enough similarities between "Born This Way," and Brambilla to be acknowledged.
Perhaps an all caps rage Tweet from Kanye West will get a simple nod of appreciation from pop star to artist?
Take A Look At The Similarities
Gaga (And yes, we do get the MJ thing going on here as well)
Can you guess:
It's Gaga.
Still not convinced? Take a look at the videos.
"Civilization" by Marco Brambilla
"Born This Way" Directed by Nick Knight

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