Mar 16, 2011

Chris Brown, Rihanna and some Enrique to spice it up

I'm not going ot lie and say I am back on the Chris Brown train, I mean, just last week I blasted him for pulling a Sisqo-- HOWEVER, he is making a comeback and I have to admit, I am digging his new song:
Chris Brown - Yeah 3X (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Chris Brown

I mean, the vibe of the video is great- fresh and clean, and fun.   Great dance sequences at 1:34 and 2:11 and look how cute he looks in a vest.   I know it's still taboo-ish to admit he's awesome because of the whole beating the junk out of Rihanna incident, but as Chris himself has said, everyone has moved on except the public (which is pretty funny if you think about it).   She is with someone else and he is on a HUGE PR campaign right now with this new music.    Frankly I give him credit for coming back, and I had forgotten about how affected I was when he did the Michael Jackson Tribute at the BET Awards which I went back and watched just now.   Of course, equally taken into account here is the naked pic of Chris that he leaked himself (officially he says he sent the shower pic to a girl who leaked it but, I mean, come on...).   Ironic that the site hosting the pic I linked above agrees with me, he has OBVIOUSLY moved about Miss Rihanna now---

This all leads me to look at Rihanna differently.    Apparently while she has supposedly moved on with her personal life, her music is a complete opposite from Chris's new stuff and very obviously is a reaction to what happened between the two of them.   She is pushing very very hard to be edgy and mean and tough, when I think her best work is when she is genuine.   Her latest video 'S&M' has been banned from a lot of places and if you read the lyrics it just sounds like she has taken all the anger and hate and bottled it up and spit it into a mic:
Cause I may be bad     But I’m perfectly good at it
Sex in the air     I don’t care     I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones     May break my bones
But chains and whips      Excite me

Contrast those lyrics with Yeah 3X:
Move your body out on the floor
Put your troubles aside and start living
Anybody, can't let go
Throw away all your problems 'cause right now it's party time

Girl, don't feel outta place
'Cause I, I'm in love with this feelin' now, now, ah
Hope that this will last a while
We should make it last a while

You like to drink, so do we
Get my bottles, bring 'um to me
Hold your glasses up, people everywhere
Now everybody put your hands in the air

See it's about timing. She needs to get back into the good graces of everyone- because while I am in no way suggesting what happened was her fault, she is not letting go and keeps dragging it front and center. If she would move on and make a killer song with a happy beat that played in every club- well, she'd be where Chris Brown is right now! Oh and honey, stop with the tattoos- that actually applies to both of them. A few are cute- but it's getting a tad bit out of hand.

As for Enrique- well, I love his new song but after listening to it on the radio my first reaction was that it seems very much like he is struggling to retain his grasp on the youth factor when I'd rather see him exit gracefully and represent his age group instead...AND THEN I WATCHED THE VIDEO:

He looks young, cheeky and naughty- and completely changed my opinion of the song- the vibe is young, fresh and fun too and it's nice to see him collaborate with Ludacris--- good job sorry I ever doubted you.   I included his other sing I Like It with Pitbull because it was filmed at My House in LA and I love that giant bed (decor in that place is fun) and it has a great vibe too...

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