Mar 4, 2011

Chris Brown: Blonde and.....nope, just blonde

I was going to say 'Chris Brown: Blonde and Beautiful' but it's not.

What is with male rappers/singers going blonde when they so obviously were not born that way?
I loved Sisqo- remember him?   He had the Thong Song...and, well I think that's it- oh no wait- and he dyed his hair (ice white).

The Thong Song - Unleash The Dragon - 1999 - 4:13

Anyway... so yeah, Chris Brown thinks dyeing his hair will make him relevant again...I don't think that will work boo- you have to suck it up that girls (the majority of your supporters) get kinda peeved when guys like you beat up on girls like Rihanna.   I know, I know- you were punished and it's in the past- hey, I totally get it.   But you still hit her.   Why would I buy anything you put out?   So you can rent another Lambo and do it again?   I'll listen when you're on the radio and watch you when/if you perform at award shows, but good luck with it honey, you're going to need it.   (Possible to make a comeback, just going to take a little bit longer with no douchebaggery).
Looks like Chris Brown has decided to find out if the old saying, "Blonds have more fun," is true. Brown just dyed his hair and has been proudly flaunting his new locks via Twitpics, posting multiple shots that find him canoodling with a bulldog and others in which he proudly overuses the sepia effect.

In tribute to Brown's new dye job, we've compiled a gallery of other music stars who have sported bleached hair, including MadonnaEminemPink and Eve. Speak up and let us know who is your favorite bleachy in the comments below.

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