Mar 10, 2011

Adam Stanton - Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight - Official Music Video - Acoustic Cover

I have become a huge fan of Adam Stanton (seriously- search him in my blog, I am borderline obsessed right?)   so naturally I had to post his latest acoustic cover- a beautiful version of Hollywood Tonight...let me know your thoughts.   Personally I cannot wait to see Adam do a Queen cover- or Our Lady Peace!

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WOW! The KING of POP is back with HOLLYWOOD TONIGHT, his second single off of his latest album "Michael". I know we all would rather MJ be alive to release his videos, but I think it's great that his music will continue to be released after his death.

I hope you like my acoustic version, and PLEASE feel free to SUBSCRIBE/LIKE/FAVORITE/SHARE this with your friends and family on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!

You can also download it NOW on iTUNES! Pretty cool! Thank you for supporting.

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Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight
Written by: Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer / Spoken Bridge Written by Teddy Riley Published by: Mijac Music, Adida Music Inc.

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