Feb 25, 2011

What Does Bill Murray Think of Ghostbusters 3

The Ghostbuster's anthem is probably one of the songs I most attribute with my childhood memories in relation to a movie.   It is one of the first I remember as being from a movie and it seems to keep coming back as a popular piece of trivia from that time.   I hope the Ghostbuster 3 movie is well done, epic- and awesome.   It would really suck if after all these years it was FINALLY made and tanked.   And if they did a great remix of the theme song, well, that couldn't hurt either....
On Howard Stern yesterday Bill Murray admitted that essentially he is sort of the reason that the movie hasn't been made yet, because he hasn't read the new script!   I know he is going through a divorce and maybe there's other big things happening in his life but I hope he gets around to it quickly so it can be made already.   Technology has gotten so much better- the ghosts will be a lot cooler than they were in the 80's!!!

Read excerpts from the interview here: Bill Murray gives his viewpoint on GHOSTBUSTERS 3

theRealmCast (@therealmcast)
2/23/11 9:02 AM
Bill Murray gives his viewpoint on GHOSTBUSTERS 3 http://bit.ly/hdwavl

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