Feb 23, 2011

What Did Lindsay Lohan Wear to Court This Time...and Why Do You Care?

Given the crazy attention that she incurred at her last court appearance (people went nuts over the white dress) I am not surprised that her most recent appearance has garnered attention again.   I feel bad for Lindsay Lohan- everything seems so abnormal when it comes to her.   She is not only going to court for a stupid fiasco involving a necklace that really should just be returned and finished with, she faces jail time if she takes a plea to make it go away AND she has to worry about what everyone thinks of her outfit.   It's enough pressure that if it were me it would make me want to curl back up in bed and finally watch those four new episodes of Glee I have not watched yet...
Lindsay- wear what you want to wear, don't worry about what people think.   It will never make everyone happy anyway, so you might as well make yourself happy.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
Long pants, check. Long sleeves, check. Low cut blouse, CHECK.  Did Lindsay Lohan take a cue from critics and dress more conservatively on Wednesday than she did for her previous court appearance? Hmmm ... tough call.
And it is worth noting that as she walked into the courthouse, the scrum outside also yelled, ironically, "nice necklace!"
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