Feb 4, 2011

Watch and rate all the Super Bowl ads

Image: Justin Bieber and Ozzy OsbourneChristopher Polk  /  Getty Images for Best Buy
Will Justin Bieber and Ozzy take the title of best Super Bowl ad this year? Your vote will help decide.

Missed an ad from the Super Bowl XLV or couldn't believe what you saw? Check msnbc.com during the game for the ads as they air and commentary on TODAY's "The Clicker" blog.
After the game you can view and rate all the ads in our "Super Bowl as showdown" interactive. Up for practice? You can check out last year's ads here .
Last year msnbc.com users gave two Doritos spots the highest ratings. "House Rules" with a child telling his single mom's potential suitor how things are gonna be took the top ranking. Next was the corn chip maker's "Underdog," in which a dog uses his shock collar on a snacking man who was teasing it.

Advertisers are rolling out celebrities, animals galore and old favorites to capture the attention of more than 100 million people expected to tune in for Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.
A sampling of commercials people are bound to be talking about after the game:
Image: Eminem puppetAP
An Eminem puppet will promote Lipton Brisk iced tea. Because when you think of Eminem, you think of iced tea.

BEST BUY: Odd couple Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne will star in the electronics seller's Super Bowl debut in the third quarter that promotes a new program where Best Buy will buy back electronics when customers decide to upgrade. The ad's still under wraps, but pairing the teen idol and the prince of darkness certainly fires the imagination.
AUDI: One of at least nine automakers advertising during the Super Bowl, Audi's ad during the first break after kickoff is targeted at younger buyers. It shows people escaping from a posh prison to illustrate the difference between "old luxury" and Audi.
CAREERBUILDER.COM: The mocking office chimps that show why viewers might want to look for a new job return in a third-quarter ad.
GODADDY.COM: Promotes the .co alternative to the .com Web domain in an ad that shows celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels and racecar driver Danica Patrick seemingly naked and directs viewers to its Web site to see the ending.
PEPSI: PepsiCo teamed with Eminem on a first quarter stop-motion animated spot that uses a puppet with Eminem's likeness to promote Lipton Brisk. Also has three ads each for its Pepsi MAX and Doritos, all created by fans.
SNICKERS: Comedians Roseanne Barr and Richard Lewis star in a second-quarter ad. It's an encore to last year's hit commercial that saw Betty White take a vicious tackle on a football field.
E-TRADE: The online investing site brings back the popular talking babies it introduced in 2008 in a third-quarter ad.
ANHEUSER-BUSCH: The brewer will promote an imported brand, Stella Artois, for the first time on the Super Bowl. That ad stars actor Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody as a 1960s jazz club singer. (If you're looking forward to Bud Light's legendary humor, it has three commercials coming, too, which it has teased on Facebook.)
SKECHERS: Kim Kardashian "will break someone's heart," the shoe maker says, in an ad for toning shoes near the two-minute warning.

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