Feb 17, 2011

Tiffany & Debbie Gibson on Britney Spears (sounds dirtier than it actually is)

Confession time- I missed the Tiffany/Debbie Gibson thing.   >GASP<   Sorry, it's true.   Sure, I know the of the songs (sort of) and what girl didn't have a denim jacket and hair scrunchie in the 80's?   But I actually completely missed them somehow.   Between not listening to the radio or watching tv or going to the movies, I was limited to whatever my friends educated me about from their older sibling's tattered copies of Teen Beat or Tiger Bop or whatever (sorry, can't really remember that either).   What I DO remember is a lot of Jonathan Taylor Thomas- or JTT as we all referred to him, Devon Sawa, Brad Renfro, Andrew Keegan (who was a personal favorite), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeremy London...BUT that was 90's teen culture- somehow I jumped from Sharon, Lois and Bram to Tiger Beat without finding out about Tiffany or Debbie Gibson.   I was, however an avid Britney Fan (not to mention BSB and NKOTB, not so much NSYNC sorry).

This entire intro brings me to this article from Oh No They Didn't where these two 80's pop icons discuss Britney Spears.   Gotta say, I am not that upset I missed them the first time around, they seem a little desperate and a lot mean.   I mean, they don't seem to have any sympathy for her whatsoever and they look decent given their ages but the blonde one has to lay off the tanning beds and the red head needs to back off from the cookies maybe...I hate know it alls.   See for yourself:


The two former pop stars sit down with Popeater and discuss being a pop star and a bunch of other irrelevant stuff about themselves, but do bring up Britney’s heading shaving fiasco, saying basically her meltdown was great for her career.

Hi, Jealous - Bitter called and they want their lip liner, spray tan and plus size stretch pants back.
she's famous before melt down and famous after. but after, it's more of a michael jackson kind of famous. because of her silence. she's mysterious now, and people become obsessed when a person is mysterious. which is why other celebrities today cannot reach the same level of fame. they do not know how to be mysterious. they choose to be everywhere. famewhores
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    OH NO THEY DIDN'T (@ohnotheydidnt)
    1/28/11 4:14 PM
    TIFFANY & DEBBIE GIBSON ON BRITNEY.:   The two former pop stars sit down with Popeater and discuss being a pop s... http://bit.ly/h1JS0y

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