Feb 17, 2011

Tell Em Steve Dave Ebay Auction for Locks of Love

Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! (@BryWaltQ)
2/16/11 10:14 PM
Btw...a day and a half left on this auction. If we hit $100...man, that'd be sweet. http://tinyurl.com/4cngyww
Description: Now is YOUR chance to own this timeless piece of TESD memorabilia suitable for...Oh eff it. 
Buy Bry's hospital wristband and all the proceeds will go to Locks of Love. It'll come signed by Bry, Walt, Q, 
Ming, and even Sage. You know this is a charitable cause since Walt has agreed to pick up the shipping. Bry 
& Sage's hair will be presented to Locks of Love along with the charitable contribution in the joint names of 
TESD and the auction winner. Come on now, don't be a cheapskate.

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