Feb 23, 2011

Standard Hotel Coming to JFK Airport? I hope so!

Good!   I hope this happens.   I am in that area ALL the time and would love a great, upscale hotel there.   The hotels around JFK are not the best- most people want to stay in Manhattan if they are going to stay in the area and JFK is a good 45 minutes away on Long Island (plus you either go through Queens or Brooklyn to get there- not very glamorous).   I also think it would be great to have some kind of nice nightlife there, which the hotel would hopefully provide- even a nice bar would be a considerable improvement.

The Port Authority issued a request for qualifications a few weeks ago for JFK's Terminal 5, the Eero Saarinen-designed terminal that the Port Authority hopes to turn into a boutique hotel lobby. To show developers the high-end potential of the noisy site crammed up against JetBlue's new Terminal 5, the Port Authority hosted a site visit earlier this month, and the Journal mines the list for intel on just who might be in line to redevelop this thing. One name that showed up: Andre Balazs, developer of the Standard and the man most recently seen "poking around" at the Hotel Chelsea. Also on the list: Lambs Club renovator WQB Architecture and W Hoboken developer Ironstate Development, but we're holding out hope for Balazs.
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