Feb 20, 2011

@south_jordan 'All Of Us' (video and free download) -Music You Need to Hear

Apologies to these guys- South Jordan is amazing and I procrastinated listening to their song because I was totally distracted- so I feel like I owe it to them to  make this a great post.    They are really good.   Not like the techno stuff I like to share because it makes driving enjoyable and fun- this is the kind  of music you listen to when you are sitting at home alone in a thunderstorm crying.   Similar to The Fray, but somehow different in a soft sort of way.   I'm not being dramatic- it's the vibe...here- watch their video for 'Firefly' and tell me I'm wrong:
RIGHT?    So I am really vibing with their song 'All of Us; which was the first song I heard after I downloaded it for free from this tweet:
South Jordan Music (@south_jordan)
2/17/11 5:47 AM
Thanks for following us! Our album is coming out on Island/Def Jam Records in the spring. Download a FREE free song here: http://ow.ly/2rBM3

And then I really also enjoyed their song 'Lay Down' which you can listen to here and download for free: South Jordan on Facebook and watch the video:

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