Feb 2, 2011

Crazy Cop of the Freeway 405 North

So many things jumped to my mind the minute I started watching this video...it sort of went like this:
Hmmm that cop is veering back and forth across all the lanes on the 405...man, I wish I could do that sometime...this guys' windshield is cracked...wait, why is the police car going back and forth again I thought he was at least following someone but there's no one in front of him...is that legal?...Great song!...why is this dude going 40 mph...and why is he showing me....and now why is he doing 20 mph?...maybe the cop is trying to slow down freeway traffic because there is something up ahead?...it would be kind of cool to see a live police chase from this point of view...this song is a great song for driving...oh well, he switched the station...

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