Feb 19, 2011

Smokey Robotic - Outside the Lines (Uptown) FREE DOWLOAD

I can't believe I forgot to post this last week- sorry!
After I posted the new Smokey Robotic song 'Forever My Love' I went to see what else they had to listen to and found the song they released just prior to it called 'Outside the Lines (Uptown)' and meant to blog it so you could listen and get the free download...I really enjoy their sound- it's easy going, relaxed and fresh but with some kick.   Perfect for driving or listening to while I write d(*-*)b    I envision a hot nightclub in the summer with tanned, shimmering bodies dancing and lots of flashing lights...totally reminds me of summer!   Keep checking back because I am a little obsessed with Smokey Robotic and plan on sharing as much of their stuff with as many people as I can- everyone could use some of this to make their day!

Check out this brand new remix of Outside the Lines (Uptown) by our friends Data Romance. It’s smooth, it’s electronic and best of all it’s Smokey.SunsetintheRearview.com premiered the track early last night, so head on over there to grab it but don’t forget to give it some love on hypem.com as well.
Last year, Konrad of Smokey Robotic produced a remix for Data Romance’s amazing single “Bones”, which you can listen to and download for free on their website. The music video for “Bones” is as equally impressive as the song itself and can be seen here.
Thank you fans for allowing our debut music video to reach 11,000 views in only five short days. Keep sharing the video with friends and family and we can make that a million.

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