Feb 9, 2011

Seven-year-old boy buys fighter jet on eBay

That is one smart kid- definitely hope they publish a follow up when he grows up- curious to see how he turns out!

Thanks to eBay, a seven-year-old London boy managed to purchase a real-life Harrier fighter jet. It was easy: All he had to do was click on a bright "buy it now" button on the auction site, send a payment of about $113,000, and he'd be ready to live out every young man's fantasy. There was just one problem: He didn't have the money — and his dad found out about his shopping spree.   

Whoops! The fun was over right then  and there as the boy's dad immediately called up Jet Art Aviation Limited, the company who had placed the jet on eBay, and explained the situation. According to My FOX Chicago, the company was very understanding and canceled the sale right away.    
There aren't any details regarding what happened after that — though we do know that Jet Art Aviation Limited put the jet up for auction again — but we imagine that there is one very disappointed seven-year-old boy in London right now. 

Image via Jet Art Aviation Limited

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