Feb 7, 2011

Sandflower....music you should listen to (thanks J Brazil for showing me the way!)

When an artist recommends another artist usually it is because they are the real thing, not just fluff.   J Brazil is one of those artists.   He has been on this site many times before (just search 'J Brazil' in the search bar on top of the page to see) and now he is passing on the love by blogging about a great artist 'Sandflower'.   You should check them both out- J Brazil is awesome and hopefully we get to hear more from Sandflower as well.   I checked out her songs 'Leave' 'Good Karma' and 'Overload' on MySpace and was impressed...http://www.myspace.com/sandflowerpower

J Brazil (@JBrazilMusic)
2/6/11 12:08 PM
... Artist to Look out for!: Her name is Sandflower. @sandflower Yes, That is her real name... http://tinyurl.com/4jsxmjc ...JBrazil.com

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