Feb 2, 2011

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider “Hold It Against Me” YouTube Cover

There is an outstanding blog that covers the goings on from Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider- it is really well done and I am super impressed.   Also, it is great to see these two gaining fans and followers- keep passing them on, they are really great and talented!
The new video is up, and it’s fantastic! As is their custom, Kurt and Sam have taken a fairly standard song and put their own spin on it, creating a new version that’s both more nuanced and more musical than the original. Britney Spears’ new single “Hold It Against Me” is a upbeat, fast-paced dance number, but Sam and Kurt’s version is more laid-back and emotional—almost reflective, really, except near the end where it gets rather dramatic. At times it’s actually moving, which is a trick considering it’s a song about a cheesy pick-up line. It’s cleverly arranged, too, with some bits of past Spears songs worked in at a few points.

Even if you don’t like the song itself (or Britney Spears for that matter), this cover is really beautiful and a lot of fun to watch. Sam’s on piano and Kurt is playing that drum machine of his, and it’s great to see the two of them doing a cover on their own again. They balance each other out so well—Sam’s energy and Kurt’s calm—especially on lyrical numbers like this where Sam’s voice and Kurt’s arrangements really have the chance to shine.
Anyway, why are you still reading this blog post? Go watch the video, and don’t forget to like and favorite it. It’s one of their best covers yet, and no doubt it will show up on the front page very soon…but we don’t want to take any chances :)

Check it out here: http://kurtsamsource.com/


  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning the website! You're awesome :)

  2. Thanks, I am loving the site- it is awesome and gives me my Kurt/Sam fix d(*-*)b
    Keep it up!