Feb 9, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Casting News: Heidi Montag

I don't know how on earth she would fit in with the other cast members, but every inch of me wants this to be true.   If Heidi joins RHBH the show would become such a huge circus, ratings jackpot!   I give it to her and Spencer, they are genius at the self promotion thing.
I do think it would end up ruining Heidi though, in the long run- being around these women who have money and privilege (by all appearances at least) will give her insecurities a kick start and I would bet mucho dineros that she would go under the knife again sometime after filming one season...I do have funny visions of Heidi and Lisa Vanderpump talking about shoes...

Just when you thought reality TV was safe again, one-half of Speidi is back in action plotting out a plan for primetime domination.
According to RadarOnline.com, 24-year-old Heidi Montag is actively pursuing joining the cast of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.' Yikes, I wonder how the plastic surgery addict would mesh with Camille, Lisa and Kyle?

Sources claim the blonde bombshell and her husband Spencer Pratt (of course) met with 'Real Housewives' execs on Tuesday. "We would move to Beverly Hills in a heartbeat," Spencer told Radar. "We would be psyched if this happened for us."

Heidi was reportedly offered a spot to compete on 'Dancing with the Stars' but had to turn down the offer due to a contractual agreement she signed when working on 'The Hills.' She was "devastated," although her tumultuous marriage to Spencer has kept her occupied and in the spotlight.


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