Feb 2, 2011

Psychologies interviews Aaron Eckhart!

He still should have been cast as Captain America....

Q. Rabbit Hole deals with very tragic subject matter — the death of a child — but there is an element of dark comedy.
A. Humans need to laugh, even when it’s inappropriate. One thing about grief is that it’s so unexpected. You can be laughing one moment and in complete despair the next.

Q. Did you do much research for the film?
A. I went to a grief counselling session, which was very raw. Those people had very recently lost their loved ones. YouTube is also an amazing tool because people set up cameras to video-blog their grief. I watched the stream of consciousness of grieving fathers — it was the most powerfully human display I have ever seen.Q. Did you learn anything about yourself?
A. I know that I’m scared to death of my parents dying, because I’m scared to go through that process.

Q. What does the title of the film mean to you?
A. It’s that Alice in Wonderland thing of going into a deep, strange place and having to get through it. I surf, and it’s like being taken under by a wave and having to give yourself over to a force much greater than yourself. And having to trust that, somehow, you’ll survive.

Q. How was working with Nicole Kidman?
A. I did the film because of Nicole. She puts 100% of herself into her work and I find that inspiring. We didn’t know each other before, but had to make the audience believe we have a history. It was a satisfying challenge.

Q. You are well known as the smooth tobacco lobbyist in Thank You For Smoking. What reaction did you get to that film?
A. Some people thought I was very pro-smoking and others actually told me they quit smoking because of the film. It’s interesting to play a protagonist who is unapologetic for his metier. You don’t see that very often.

Q. What do people most often say when they come up to you?
A. People ask about actresses I’ve worked with: ‘What’s Julia like? What’s Jennifer like? What’s Nicole like?’ But usually they think I’m somebody else.

Q. Who?
A. Bear Grylls.

Q. Really?
A. No, I’m kidding. I don’t know, but people often say they loved a movie I’m not even in.

Q. What will we see you in next?
A. A big alien war movie called Battle: Los Angeles. It’s a childhood dream to run around and shoot my rifle.

Q. Sounds very different to Rabbit Hole.
A. I made three movies in a row that could not be more different. The Rum Diary, with Johnny Depp, where I play a very smooth, charming opportunist. Then Rabbit Hole, then straight into Battle: Los Angeles.

Q. You’ve done it all.
A. That’s the appetiser. I’m trying to get to the entree. I’ve never been hungrier in my career. I feel like I haven’t yet found my niche; the thing that I really am going to excel at. I’m in hot pursuit of it.

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Psychologies interviews Aaron Eckhart!: Q. Rabbit Hole deals with very tragic subject matter — the death of a ch... http://bit.ly/dYkVEI

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