Feb 9, 2011

Prince Letting Gwyneth Paltrow 'Kiss' on Glee!!!

Wow- I am super excited for this.   Although I think there has been a lot of anti-Gwyneth sentiment going around previously, after her Glee appearance where she killed it with Cee Lo's F*** You the tide turned once more and Gwyneth reappeared as the golden girl we knew and loved.   (Come on, her GOOP stuff was just too out there for me, what about you?)

Now, she is set to come back singing Prince's hit 'Kiss' which was also sung by Julia Roberts in the classic Pretty Woman.   That is a huge compliment to Miss Paltrow.   I cannot wait! 
This from Perez Hilton:
Wow. You know you've made it when Prince gives you his blessingto cover his music. This is such an honor.
When Gwyneth Paltrow returns to Glee on March 8th, she comes bearing the gift of a huge musical duet for her and Matthew Morrison to throw down. The duo will team up for an amped-up version of Prince's smash 80s hit, Kiss.
Oh hell to the yes! Gwyn is going to KILL this!
And perhaps we can infer that the song choice is going to lead to some actually smooching between Mr. Schue and Miz Holiday? Let's hope so! (Matt needs some play on this show! It's been too long for him!)
Thoughts, Gleeks? Are U stoked about a Prince number making it into the Glee catalogue?
[Image via WENN.]

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