Feb 4, 2011

Prayers, Protest, Police Brutality: Raw Videos From Egypt’s Uprising

When hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators poured out onto the streets of Egypt last week, dictator Hosni Mubarak responded by shutting off Internet and cellphone access to keep the activists from organizing. Suddenly, a protest movement that used Facebook pages and Twitter hashtagsto coordinate and push its message out was back to the old-fashioned methods of street politicking.
But Mubarak miscalculated. The protesters didn't disperse, giving the lie to the idea that what was happening in Egypt was a flash mob playacting at revolution. Satellite news networks like Al Jazeera kept the eyes of the world focused on dissidents' demands -- a focus that became all the more dramatic when Mubarak began a brutal crackdown, with regime loyalists targeting dissidents and foreign journalists alike.  When the Internet and cellphone blackout lifted on Wednesday, the world still had viral-ready video footage of the truth of Egypt's precarious uprising. Here are some of the most dramatic images that even a dictator willing to unplug his whole country couldn't suppress.
Wired (@wired)
2/4/11 5:29 PM
Prayers, protest & police brutaility: Raw video from the uprising in Egypt http://bit.ly/gcilKU

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