Feb 22, 2011

Oscars Say No to Banksy Request to Appear in Disguise

I feel like they should just relax and let him show up or not- even if someone does show up to accept it, how will they verify it's the actual Banksy and not someone he asked to go in his place?   
According to The Hollywood Reporter, a request to the Oscars from Banksy, the mysterious street artist who has been causing a stir around West Hollywood and the surrounding area of late, has told the British press his request to turn up at this week's Oscars in disguise in a bid to keep his identity a secret, has been declined.
Academy executive director Bruce Davis told Entertainment Week: "The fun but disquieting scenario is that if the film wins and five guys in monkey masks come to the stage all saying, "I'm Banksy," who the hell do we give it [award] to?"
The artist is up for best documentary for his film Exit Through The Gift Shop.
Banksy has recently hit Los Angeles with a number of works, including some in the West Hollywood area. One on a burnt out building near Sunset Blvd and La Cienega was cut out of the wall by some mysterious men early one evening and then appeared on eBay, and another posted on a billboard near Fairfax and Sunset almost caused a fight to break out over the artwork when the billboard company took it down.

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