Feb 24, 2011

Oscar Madness is Upon Us: 10 Best Picture Contenders

I just want to watch James Franco and hopefully Christian Bale.   Everyone else can go home.

Oscars 2011: Reviewing The Best Picture Contenders, Twitter-Style!
by Travis Helwig

Let’s be honest: in this day and age, the idea of watching an entire 90-minute movie with uninterrupted concentration is almost inconceivable. Certainly not in a world where e-mail, commercials and, of course, Twitter completely rule our lives.
And it gets worse: this year's Oscar ceremony, airing on Sunday (February 27), has ten Best Picture nominees. Ten! It's hard enough to watch an entire movie on its own, and it's downright impossible to expect that you've seen all ten of the big contenders come Oscar night.

But as always, we have a solution. We're marrying our Twitter fixation with the Best Picture problem: we've seen every movie up for the award this year, and to bring you up to speed, we're reviewing each one of them Twitter style. After the jump, get our quick takes on all of the Best Picture nominees — in 140 characters or less, of course!
#BestPictureNominees, engage!
@TrueGrit: Jeff Bridges is good. Hailee Steinfeld is great. The man in the bear pelt is the best.
@ToyStory3: Allergies. It’s just allergies. #GrownManTears
@SocialNetwork: Mark Zuckerberg has updated his relationship status from ‘Single’ to ‘Single Billionaire.’ We approve.
@TheFighter: Christian Bale, it's Oscar time. If only to put a stop to the never-ending weight loss!
@KingsSpeech: T-t-t-t-t-two thumbs up! But seriously, this movie's gonna win.
@TheKidsAreAllRight: Yeah, the kids are all right, but "The Kids Are All Right" is much more than all right.
@Inception: It was an awesome movie within a great movie within an amazing movie within another awesome movie on a train.
@BlackSwan: Must see for ballet enthusiasts and lesbian dream sequence aficionados. Must skip for anyone with a fear of hangnails.
@WintersBone: #jenniferlawrence #jenniferlawrence #jenniferlawrence #jenniferlawrence #jenniferlawrence #jenniferlawrence #jenniferlawrence
@127Hours: I was caught off-guard by all the gore. If my movie-going experience was a gun fight, you could say that I was… UN-ARMED! #Leno #BadJokes
Have you seen all of this year's Best Picture contenders? Give 'em the 140-character review treatment in the comments section or on Twitter!

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