Feb 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion Recap - Part 1

I didn't watch or have anything to do with the Oscars this year at all besides following James Franco on twitter.   Mostly because I was busy but also, without a tv it just sort of sucks to follow it via twitter and blogs.
Fear not!   The lovely people of the interweb have inundated us with everything Oscar related and my afvorite part, the fashion, is especially well covered....

To begin with, Us Weekly
Poor Anne Hathaway!   I saw Sandra Bullocks dress first, and then hers and because of that hers is somehow less glamorous (which sucks since she was a host!)
Anne HathawaySandra Bullock
Someone posted a funny comment though, about Sandra's dress, guess not every is a fan:
Why is she wearing the same dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman? Did she forget the famous necklace scene?

Mila Kunis looked great, but I am not a huge fan of the color, maybe if it were more of a creamy tone, or go much darker?   I liked the top though, not as big of a fan of the lacey skirt 
Mila Kunis

I guess a lot of people wanted red.   Who is Jennifer Lawrence?   This is like is Pam Anderson made her Baywatch bikini into a dress.   I wish she had worn something more glamorous but again, I don't know who she is so....
Jennifer Lawrence

Michelle Williams looks amazing, but I am sort of tired of this pixie look on her, BUT SHE LOOKS GREAT
Michelle Williams

Hailee Steinfeld- WOW- wonderful full Oscar appearance!   I would wear this dress as a wedding dress if I did it again- I am not kidding.   I love it and cute shoes. (Dress by Marchesa)
Hailee Steinfeld

Aimee Adams reminds me of the wholesome Jessica Rabbit here, I cannot even explain why:
Amy Adams

LOVE Mandy Moore's dress, not hair/makeup- dress is stunning though and I see Halle Berry went for the same idea: Mandy's is a Monique Lhuillier and Halle's is by Marchesa.
Mandy MooreHalle Berry

Oh Scarlet.   We know you just got divorced, but how did you turn cougar so FAST?   This looks cheap and you usually look like a million bucks.
Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Hudson is so skinny now, and again, red:
Jennifer Hudson

I have missed you and you look fanstastic!   Fabric is a bit stiff (wish there was more movement in the skirt) but you look FANTASTIC!
Celine Dion

I have so much more....keep reading...

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