Feb 21, 2011

Off the Map - It's Good (No really, it is)

I have read all the criticism about how Off the Map is just Grey's Anatomy in the jungle, but I don't agree. Sure it's about doctors practicing medicine, but so are a lot of shows.   I have to be upfront though, I had a hard time buying into it...until this episode.   Maybe I finally clicked with the characters, or maybe it was a steamy hot kissing scene under a waterfall in the dark (on a public hiking trail).   Whatever the case, I really do like the show and am looking forward to next weeks episode- especially since this one ended with three patients, and two pilots crashing their helicopter moments after it left...once again, there are great reviews out there so you can read the episode summary here, I don't need to list every detail- but you can watch the last few minutes here:

I would like to know more about Debra Messing Caroline Dhavernas who plays Dr. Lily Brenner.  
Caroline Dhavernas Picture
Ask and you shall receive- IMDB has told me all I wanted to know:   She is French-Canadian (of course she is Canadian- all the good one are!)  and has been acting since she was very young.   I always catch myself watching her talk- she looks exactly like Debra Messing at certain angles and she could easily play her sister or her younger self in a movie.  

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