Feb 17, 2011

'Not Who You Say' by Katie Cole (@KatieCole_Army)

If you haven't heard Katie Cole sing yet, you are missing out on something really cool and fresh.   I like her vibe and her voice- and obviously her music as well.   
I already posted about her previously - her song 'Lost Inside a Moment' and there was a great article that really gives you an insight to what she's all about as well.   Now check her out live- not too shabby!   My husband (who is notoriously picky with live music but has been spoiled by seeing most of Nashville live and a front row Guns'n'Roses New Years show that happened before we met unfortunately) anyway, he says you know a singer is great if they can perform live, without bells and whistles.   If they suck live, there's no saving them.   While I don't agree 100% (you can hide the live suckiness with previously mentioned bells and whistles!) I do think that in this case it's true- and Katie Cole is awesome live!   I still think she reminds me of an Alanis Morrisette/Natalie Merchant hybrid...
Check out her video 'Not Who You Say' and leave your thoughts below...

Katie Cole's Army (@KatieCole_Army)
2/4/11 2:26 AM
This one is for the ladies! http://tiny.ly/AbRU Not Who You Say by Katie Cole

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