Feb 2, 2011

News Flash: Tom Green is an Ass...oh wait, we already knew that.

Tom Green used to be funny.   If you didn't know him ten years ago when Eminem spoofed him in a video, you probably still don't know who he is now.   As a fellow Canadian I kept tabs on him but after his Road Trip cameo where he tongue-wrestles a rodent I sort of gave up.   He recently popped back onto my radar when Smodcastle started promoting his shows, but I never got around to listening since the other shows were so phenomenal and funny.   

Today he started tweeting about the end of the world and WWIII starting...which was cute at first...then annoying...then outright infuriating.   I responded a few times, hoping to at least counter some of the stupidity he was spreading, but then he responded directly to me (which I have to admit I wasn't expecting at all).   I am kind of offended- I asked him to stop talking about a specific topic because in light of the suffering going on in Egypt because of the violence and hate, it is ignorant to use it as the butt of your jokes.   In response, he told me to get off Twitter.   Here you go:

It starts like this- I replied to one of his tweets with this:

Here are all of the tweets in order 
(I posted the original one via TwitLonger because I wanted you to read 
his whole tweet- the rest all fit under 140).
He didn't respond to this first tweet....
but then I replied to one of his later tweets and he did:
Uh oh- that one got to him!   Here are my three tweets connected to his stupid Kardashian comment:
And the moron tells me to get off Twitter?   Really?   That's his response?
So of course I had to react to that one- you can tell me to shut up, call me names, whatever--- but telling someone to get off Twitter is just stupid because if you don't want to read it, you can get off Twitter too!   And freedom of speech and all that....
Ok, maybe calling him a has-been was mean (even if it is true) but I also know that his MO has always been to get under the skin, make people react by being inflammatory.   I'm not even mad, I'm laughing.   I was hoping for some sort of intelligent response, but I guess I put the bar too high because he didn't really even attempt to think of a good reply.   It would have been cooler if he had just retweeted my tweet telling him to shut up and stop being ignorant- then at least people could have attacked me of their own volition.
What do you all think?   Should I have kept my social media mouth shut?   Was his response warranted?   Do we even care?

Thanks Twitter- you turned a ho-hum evening into a post d(*-*)b

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