Feb 17, 2011

New Banksy Art in LA

Having just watched 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' a few weeks ago, I am a little obsessed about all things Banksy.   I had known about his work previously, but I didn't really understand that a lot of what he did was in complete secrecy and that his art is illegal because it is graffiti- that fascinates me.   I wish I could be lucky enough to have him graffiti something of mine!   Anyway, it seems there is a renewed effort of his part to tag LA as his own...at least, according to his website- which has images posted of four new tags, including one billboard.   Can't wait to see what happens next!  
Check out the images on his website...

Images via Banksy
Even more Banksy news to pass on today: Banksy is taking credit for this billboard hack above the 76 station at Sunset and North Laurel Ave., making it the third of what street art blog Melrose&Fairfax says are four new Banksys around town. M&F thinks the billboard is a real win for the artist's street cred, but considering some of his past LA pieces have been in less-than-gutsy locations, we can't help wondering if he doesn't have some connection with Vegas hospitality and development company Light Group. UPDATE: The plot thickens. According to M&F, the billboard was taken down and rolled up for safekeeping this afternoon. TMZ says it was the billboard company that took it down and that a fight broke out.
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