Feb 24, 2011

Mother Posts Video of Nude Daughter Showering to Help Her Find a Husband.

So let me get this straight...a mother in Beijing posted a nude video of her daughter to help her find a husband?   If you stop and think for a moment, realize that any man who would watch this and think that after seeing this marrying the girl is a great idea deserves whatever he gets.   The girl is not ugly, I mean, it could be a lot worse- but the desperation that oozes up off the screen as you watch is enough to make anyone turn and run for the hills.   I wonder if it worked though...watch the video and you can follow the link for the story via Huffington Post below.   After watching the video I believe that it's more staged to get attention since the girl in the video is believed to be a Chinese actress- and really, who doesn't even blink when their mother brings a video camera into the bathroom while they shower?   (And by shower I guess they mean stands there and flips her hair a little bit while naked?   I didn't see water.)

Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost)
2/23/11 5:06 PM
SHOCK: Mother films nude daughter to help her find a husband http://huff.to/hYMwjd

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