Feb 9, 2011

Missed the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Watch it Here...

I finally watched the 12 minutes show...ouch.
I didn't really understand what the deal was with the arrows and stage pieces moving around.
At 3 minutes Slash comes out and plays beautifully- but it's ruined by the yowling of the wo-Man next to him.   What was Fergie thinking- she was yelling the words and doing the Axl signature dance move and it was AXL'S BIRTHDAY....ruined a great song- plus when she leaned back onto Slash I felt like I could tell when it clicked in her head that he wanted her off...at 7 minutes Usher comes out- meh.   And then at 9 minutes they RUINED THEIR OWN SONG!   I love 'Where is the Love'.   I think I just posted that a few days ago!   It just sounded awful and again, Fergie is just yelling. And to end it on the same sour note- they sing their latest song which destroys another favorite 'Time of My Life'.   This is so weird- I am usually a B.E.P. fan- what happened????

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