Feb 1, 2011

Milla Jovovich - Gentleman Who Fell

Did you know Milla Jovovich has a great singing voice?   I was not aware that she had an album out but I saw a tweet from @samantharonson who posts a 'song of the day' most days and I am so glad I bookmarked it for follow up because I like it a lot!   
Gentleman Who Fell        Milla: The Divine Comedy
Gentleman Who Fell                  Milla: The Divine Comedy
The only links I have are to the amazon page where you can buy the song 'Gentlemen Who Fell' or the entire album- but at least listen to the sample...I know- intriguing right?!?

samantha ronson (@samantharonson)
1/31/11 9:10 PM
Song of the day- Milla Jovovich -Gentleman Who Fell - http://say.ly/anq7Cs

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