Feb 10, 2011

Man Eats Glass Champagne Flutes and Household Lightbulbs (video)

I guess my own habit of chewing on the lollipop stick (the paper kind) until it it gone isn't so strange now.  I have so many questions!   What made him think of trying it in the first place?   Doesn't it hurt to swallow it and go to the bathroom?   Is there medication he can take to help him stop?   Do people trust him alone in their houses on New Years or do they hide the champagne glasses?   Why is everyone just sitting there filming and watching a person eat GLASS?
First there was the woman who eats couches, now there's Josh, a Wooster, Ohio man who is hooked on eating glass household products. His story aired last night on TLC's My Strange Addiction,and, like most, we watched with an odd hybrid of shock and sadness. In the four years since he's been doing this, Josh has consumed more than 250 lightbulbs and 100 Champagne flutes, explaining that "it was kind of scary at first." "It's not like I feel anything, it doesn't hurt when I eat glass or anything," he adds, later admitting to having cut his lips and the corners of his mouth a few times. He's also gotten glass shards stuck in his gums.

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