Feb 16, 2011

Madonna set to re-release ‘Express Yourself’

Best PR ever- first Lady Gaga releases Born This Way and receives major PR for it's similarities to Madonna's music...then Madonna re-releases the song Gaga supposedly copied- love it marketing plan!
Madonna set to re-release ‘Express Yourself’
When pop titan Lady Gaga premiered her new song ‘Born This Way’ yesterday, there were a heap of unanimous accusations about the production baring a striking similarity to Madonna's ‘Express Yourself’. Gaga has pretty much channelled most of her career after Madonna, and fans are furious that the track is so unoriginal.
After another legend – Grace Jones – called Gaga out on her ‘copying’ last year, it looks like the 24-year-old really is about to face the music. With many critics berating Gaga for plagiarising the Madonna classic, the pop legend’s old record company Warner Brothers, is now considering re-releasing 1989’s Express Yourself as a single. It will reportedly come with a live video of Madonna performing the track in 2004. Wow…  source
OH NO THEY DIDN'T (@ohnotheydidnt)
2/12/11 1:58 PM
Madonna set to re-release 'Express Yourself': When pop titan Lady Gaga premiered her new song 'Born This Way' ye... http://bit.ly/ihy5PI

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