Feb 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty to theft charge

It's starting to sound a lot like a witch hunt- maybe she did accidentally keep it, but I mean, she's had a rough year!   They should have simply returned the necklace and been done with it.   And the Riverside prosecutors should stop reaching- the woman who was allegedly injured made bank off the story by selling it to tabloids.  That alone should negate any validity or claim that it was more than self defense.   Let the girl recover and move on already.   I'd like to add that she looks great in that dress.

Image: Lindsay LohanMike Nelson  /  EPA
Lindsay Lohan arrives to be arraigned on felony grand theft charges at the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse on Wednesday

Lindsay Lohan pleaded not guilty to felony grand theft of a $2,500 necklace — a case that could return the troubled starlet to jail rather than the big screen.

She entered the plea Wednesday through her attorney. If convicted of the theft charge, Lohan could face up to three years in state prison.   Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz set bail at $40,000. He says it appears Lohan violated her probation and told her not to push her luck by getting into any more trouble.   The "Mean Girls" star, 24, was met by a swarm of photographers when she arrived at the courthouse for her arraignment in a white dress and sunglasses.
The charge was the latest — and most serious — legal problem for the actress, who remains on probation in a 2007 drunken driving case.   Police and prosecutors claim Lohan took the necklace from a store in the beachside community of Venice on Jan. 22, weeks after she was released from a rehab facility where she was accused of misconduct.   The former Disney star has struggled with the terms of her probation, and was sentenced to rehab twice and jail twice last year.
Judge Schwartz will determine if Lohan violated the terms of her probation, which required her to obey all laws and submit to random drug and alcohol testing.   
The jewelry case is not Lohan's only concern. Prosecutors in Riverside County are considering whether to charge the actress with battery for an altercation with a rehab worker at the Betty Ford Center in December.   The worker was fired after giving an on-camera interview to celebrity website TMZ, but district attorney's spokesman John Hall has said the allegation against Lohan was under review.
The threat of incarceration has hung over Lohan since May, when a judge handling her DUI case determined she violated her probation by missing weekly alcohol education classes.
Her three stints in jail in the past three years have all been shortened by overcrowding and the fact that she could not be held without bail on a misdemeanor.

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