Feb 12, 2011

Levi's Makes Super Skinny Ex-Girlfriend Jeans for Men...Women Love Them!

After eons of women sniping their male companions clothing trends and styles, men finally have the chance to return the favor.   Levi's has come out with a new line of super skinny 'ex-girlfriend' jeans for men - intended to remind them of how fabulous their exes were.
The new super-skinny style for men? Supposedly, it's a tribute to that ex-girlfriend with the great fashion sense.
Are we to assume these are the denim brand's answer to "boyfriend cut" women's jeans?  NewsFeed isn't sure, but the last time we checked, there aren't too many guys looking for clothes to remind them of a past love — and what kind of boyfriend slips into his girlfriend's skinny jeans in the first place?
Not to mention how much trouble it'll take to slip into those skin-tight suckers. Levi's says the Ex-Girlfriend jeans have a "super-snug" fit allover and are "as skinny as it gets." Is that, by chance, supposed to bring back memories of that super smothering ex? Both leave you with little room to breathe. (via BuzzFeed)
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I feel like this concept could be very misunderstood and/or possibly backfire. You can look at them Levi's website here..   What's even funnier is that there are three reviews on the Levi's site- all from women!

Fantastic fit, so comfortable
Date: February 10, 2011
I know these are marketed toward men, but I'm a 14 year old girl and these things fit perfectly. Super tight and cute. I'm not really sure how a male with proper anatomy could ever wear them though. 5 stars from me though, a 14 year old skinny girl.

Maybe I'm not the target audience...
Date: February 10, 2011
I'll start this off by saying I'm a woman, but I LOVE these jeans.
I went to the Levi's store in Soho a month ago to find a new pair of jeans, and after trying on countless women's styles, I walked out with these. The rise is perfect, without being high-waisted. The ares which I guess is supposed to be a little more spacious for men leaves just the right amount of space for my curves. The leg is perfectly skinny with enough room for movement and nice stretch. I'm also 5'11" and was able to find a pair with a long enough inseam for me, which is difficult when purchasing women's jeans.
Now, for a few cons: They do stretch for the first few wears, so the size that fits perfectly when you first try them on may end up being a little too large.
As well, I washed my jeans after two weeks of wear (and I line-dried them!) but the color is fading, fast, especially in the crotch and knees, and the fabric is already wearing away at the crotch. Keep in mind, I bought these jeans about a month ago. I'd recommend only hand-washing, or maybe dry-cleaning (as a poor college student, I'll stick to the sink).
I think in the end the versatility, style and comfort of these pants outweigh the negative aspects. I've never had jeans fit so well.
Pros: unisex

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